Organic BARF Comfort PLUS Chicken DE-ÖKO-007, 20 x 1kg

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Organic BARF Comfort PLUS Chicken DE-ÖKO-007, 20 x 1kg

Organic BARF Comfort PLUS is the right choice for all dog lovers who cannot always find the time to prepare each meal themselves, but who still want species-appropriate raw feeding.


Further information is available from our free booklet on the topic BARF feeding.


IMPORTANT: see product description for the minimum order amount!


Supplementary feed for dogs


Organic BARF Comfort PLUS Chicken DE-ÖKO-007, 20 x 1kg

Complementary feed for puppies, adolescent dogs, lactating dogs and fully grown dogs.


BARF Comfort PLUS is the right choice for all dog lovers who cannot always find the time to prepare every meal themselves, but who still want to species-appropriate raw feeding.

Our mix contains organic chicken necks, organic chicken stomachs and hearts, as well as organic carrots, organic apples and organic pears. The mixture is enriched with organic linseed oil (rich in omega-3 fatty acids).Our product also contains linseeds, brewer’s yeast, algae, nettles, birch leaf, milk thistle and dandelion. Chicken necks are a natural source of calcium and contribute to the desired calcium-phosphorus ratio. (Please note that the calcium to phosphorus ratio will change if you add cereals).


As a basic guideline, for a normally active, non-neutered healthy dog (regardless of whether male or female), we recommend the following per daily:

Puppies, adolescent dogs, and lactating dogs: approx. 4-6% of actual body weight (*see note below)

Fully grown dogs: approx. 2% of body weight

Small breeds (up to approx. 15 kg): approx. 1.5% of body weight.


We believe that an animal's daily requirements are not always the same due to individual life situations, e.g. pregnancy or age, so the amount of feed per day must be adjusted on an individual basis. For instance, depending on the number of puppies, a lactating female may require three times as much. A varied diet is therefore always recommended. BARF Comfort PLUS Chicken is an ideal foundation for proper species-appropriate canine nutrition.

For variety, you can add a fresh egg yolk, granular curd cheese, low-fat quark, seasonal herbs and vegetables or a different type of meat (also non-supplemented).

Special feed additives such as: green lipped mussel extract,which helps to keep joints healthy, can be added without any hesitation..


*Puppies, adolescents and lactating dogs require higher amounts of calcium, therefore, if no bones are consumed, calcium needs to be added. We recommend our specially designed supplement for puppies.

Composition: meat and animal by-products (organic chicken necks, organic chicken hearts, organic chicken stomachs), vegetables (organic carrots), fruit (organic apples, organic pears), oils and fats (organic linseed oil), seeds (linseed), yeast (brewer's yeast), algae, birch leaves, dandelion root and dandelion leaves, milk thistle, stinging nettle.


Analytical components: protein 13.4%, fat content 6.4%, moisture 77.6%, crude fibre 1.4%, crude ash 2.0%


Note: this is a minced frozen product. The product may contain small pieces of bone/cartilage that can be fed without hesitation.


Important order and shipping information!

In order for the feed to arrive with you in perfect condition, we can only supply frozen meat from a minimum order quantity of 8 kg (e.g. 16 portions of 500g).

Detailed information on our shipping conditions can be viewed here.


30 % magere BIO-Hühnerhälse, 25 % BIO-Hühnerherzen, 11 % BIO-Karotten, 4,5 % BIO-Äpfel, 2 % BIO-Birnen, 1 % BIO-Leinöl, 1,5 % Pulver (Leinsamen, Gras-, Kräuter- und Leguminosenpflanzen, Seealgenmehl, Bierhefe, Brennnesselkraut, Birkenblatt, Mariendistelkraut, Löwenzahn)

Analytical Components:
13.4 %
6.4 %
77.6 %
1.4 %
2 %

The nutritional information is subject to natural variations and depending on the availability of raw materials, the form of presentation may vary.

Feeding Recommendation:

As a guideline for the amount of food for normally active, unneutered healthy dogs (regardless of gender), we recommend per day:

Puppies, young dogs, and lactating females: approx. 4-6% of current body weight (*see note below)
Adult dogs: approx. 2% of body weight
Smaller breeds (up to approx. 15 kg): approx. 1.5% of body weight.

We believe that the daily requirements of an animal may vary due to individual life situations such as pregnancy or age, so the amount of food per day must be adjusted individually. For example, lactating females may need up to three times the amount, depending on the number of puppies. Therefore, a varied diet is always recommended. BARF Komfort PLUS Pferd is the ideal component for a species-appropriate diet for dogs.

To add variety, occasionally add an egg yolk, cottage cheese, low-fat quark, seasonal vegetables and herbs, or a different type of meat (also unsupplemented).

Special feed additives such as green-lipped mussel extract, which can be beneficial for joint health, can be added without hesitation.

*Since puppies, young dogs, and lactating females have an increased calcium requirement, calcium should be additionally supplied in a feeding without bones. We recommend our specially tailored puppy supplement for this purpose.


After opening, store in the refrigerator and consume within a maximum of 3 days, keep closed and store at -18°C.

Defrosting Tips:
  • Thaw gently in the refrigerator overnight
  • If possible, take it out of the packaging and put it in a food-safe container (glass or porcelain)
  • Slightly covered or uncovered (BARF should never be thawed in an airtight container)
  • Use any drippings that may have accumulated during thawing

Despite the use of metal detectors, it is possible that foreign bodies (stones, barbed wire, nails) may remain undetected in the animal's stomach without affecting the feeding. However, the product should still be stirred with a fork before feeding and any foreign bodies should be removed. Any feed residues remaining in the animal's stomach, such as pumpkin seeds, straw, etc., are not grounds for complaint.

Order and Shipping Information
To ensure that the food arrives at your doorstep in perfect condition, we can only ship frozen products with a minimum order quantity of 8 kg (for example, 32 portions of 250 g or 16 portions of 500 g).

Please refer to our shipping policy for more detailed information.

You can find more information in our free brochure on the topic of BARFing.

We reserve the right to exchange individual items for largely identical items without prior contact in the event of short-term lack of availability. If an individual item is permanently unavailable, we will contact you.

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